Coming in 2020. To learn more or request a specific course, contact us for more information!

Engineers can choose individual courses from the Industry Communications Courses to help them improve their oral and written communication skills in the workplace.


  • Critical Conversations
  • Powerful Presentations
  • Networks & Audiences
  • Workplace Documentation
  • Technical Writing
  • Technical Illustration

Our core philosophy is to provide flexible, and modular courses that let you tailor your curriculum to meet your individual requirements. Key features of our courses include:

01Comprehensive - Courses are segments of the Engineering Communication Knowledge Map

02Flexible - Instead of offering a single large curriculum, course modules are delivered online in short increments and can be combined to create a personalized curriculum

03Engaging - This isn't just a Power Point presentation - learn in a setting specifically designed to maximize your experience

04Interactive - Educational experts have created an interactive delivery format to aid student engagement and focus

05Effective - Tools, including self-assessments and examinations ensure concept retention and comprehension

06Constructive - This intensive program prepares you for real-world experiences with practical application of the theory

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