Coming in Fall 2016. To learn more or request a specific course, contact us for more information!

The Public Communication Program is an opportunity for engineers, researchers, and media professionals to learn to engage with wider audiences and become more effective communicators.


  • Critical Thinking
  • Creative Engagement
  • Writing and Editing
  • Storytelling
  • Presentation
  • Reach

From large scale buildings to nanomaterials and current controversies surrounding the energy sector, engineering stories are grabbing public attention. Who is presenting accurate information on these topics? The story has to be transformed from the minds of engineers to the hands of presenters, journalists, and other communicators.

A new specialization is evolving; it demands talented individuals who have a strong understanding of complex, technical topics and the ability to communicate information effectively. Engineering communication, much like science communication, is growing through the efforts of journalists who develop a particular passion for the topic, industry practitioners who want to communicate their expertise, and researchers who want to engage with wider audiences.

The Public Communications Program (PCP) helps these individuals become more effective communicators. This intensive short program will spark creativity and prepare you for new goals. Participants will return to their workplaces with curiosity and new perspectives. They will be energized to communicate innovative ideas and more confident to lead advances in engineering communication.