Nicole Roche reviews pipeline basics for industry professionals in Pipelines 101

Calgary , Alberta, Canada - August 10, 2016 - Nicole Roche is an educational professional and currently employed as the Manager of Training & Development at PBOK Consulting and the Centre for Pipeline Knowledge. She has written an insightful article on the history of oil and gas, the current state of our pipeline network, and the basic knowledge all industry professionals need. Read the article on the Young Women in Energy Blog

Nicole holds a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Communication from Royal Roads University and two diplomas in New Media Production and Design and Business Administration (Management) from SAIT Polytechnic. Nicole started her career in the energy industry over ten years ago in curriculum development at SAIT Polytechnic for the MacPhail School of Energy. Since leaving SAIT in 2011, she has held a number of learning and development roles at both oil & gas companies and pipeline operators.

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