CPK Launches API 1169 Pipeline Construction Inspector Exam Preparation Course

The CPK's Virtual Campus has launched a course to help individuals better prepare for the API 1169 Pipeline Construction Inspector Exam

Calgary , Alberta, Canada - March 10, 2016 -
According to a recent news release, the boards of directors of the INGAA Foundation and the CEPA Foundation have voted to endorse a program to ensure all pipeline construction inspectors working for their member companies are certified by 2018. They call this API 1169.

Pipeline construction inspectors represent the pipeline operators and are the last line of defense in ensuring safe and reliable pipelines are built, operated, and maintained. Inspectors check everything, from ensuring that pipe is not damaged during construction, to confirming that all protective measures are installed correctly. Pipeline inspectors understand that a quality pipeline is critical for ensuring the safety of the public and the environment.

Certifying the skills of pipeline construction inspectors is an important part of ensuring high quality of work in the industry, hence the move towards industry wide certification and a need for a more structured approach to training and assessing skills. You can be part of the movement by improving your skills and marketability in a challenging economic environment by taking the API 1169 Pipeline Construction Inspector Exam.

To support you, The Centre for Pipeline Knowledge has developed a course through our virtual campus to help individuals better prepare for the exam. We developed it with input from pipeline construction experts and educational professionals which allowed us to guide individuals through relevant regulations and requirements using scenario based learning. The training includes study material such as key highlights, recommended reading, terminology, scenario-based assessments, self-assessments, and practice questions organized by topic.

Safe pipeline operations are a concern for industry, environmental groups, governments, first nations and the public, especially large projects such as the Keystone XL Pipeline, Northern Gateway, Energy East, and the TransMountain expansion. The pipeline industry has projected more than $200 billion dollars in North American pipeline infrastructure investments will be required in the future. To ensure safe pipeline construction, more skilled inspectors are needed so use this opportunity to improve your qualifications and be a part of the future!

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