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  • Course 1100 - Introduction to Pipeline Feasibility Study

The first stage of the pipeline lifecycle is the Feasibility Study. Feasibility studies are not unique to pipeline systems, but exist in all industries and are used to assess technical and economic aspects of a potential project to determine if the project is viable. In this course, we will outline the role of the feasibility study in the pipeline lifecycle, its impact to the other stages of the lifecycle, and the common elements of feasibility studies.

Course Topics

1) Project outline 
2) Market factors 
3) Technical feasibility 
4) Economic feasibility 
5) Recommendations 

Quick Facts

Recommended pre-requisites: Course 1001 - Introduction to the Pipeline Industry
Format: Online
Estimated Learning Time: 1-2 Hours (Self-paced)
Course Material Access: 180 Days

Course 1100 - Introduction to Pipeline Feasibility Study

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