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  • Course 1300 - Introduction to Pipeline Construction

The third stage of the pipeline lifecycle is Pipeline Construction. The course will outline the construction process focusing on the main activities, equipment required and manpower roles. This course chronologically steps through the 7 major activities associated with constructing a pipeline. At the completion of this course, the student will have a basic understanding of the sequencing of events and specialty equipment used in construction of a pipeline.

Course Topics
1) Clearing and grading 
2) Ditching, stringing and boring 
3) welding and NDE 
4) Coating and lowering in 
5) Non-pipe fittings and cathodic protection 
6) Backfilling and clean up 
7) Pressure testing and drying 
8) Pipeline commissioning 

Quick Facts

Recommended pre-requisites: Course 1001 - Introduction to the Pipeline Industry
Format: Online
Estimated Learning Time: 1-2 Hours (Self-paced)
Course Material Access: 180 Days

Course 1300 - Introduction to Pipeline Construction

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