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  • Course 1600 - Introduction to Pipeline Abandonment

The last stage of the pipeline lifecycle is Pipeline Abandonment.  Once a pipeline is abandoned, it can never be put into service again.  The work associated with pipeline abandonment is very similar to the work that was undertaken to construct and install the pipeline. This course will outline the considerations and concerns that must be addressed once the decision to abandon a pipeline is made; as well as the ongoing responsibilities and liabilities after the abandonment has been completed.

Course Topics
1) Abandonment Decision Planning
2) Future Land Use
3) Ground Subsidence
4) Environmental Contamination 
5) Third Party Infrastructure 
6) Water Crossings
7) Facilities and Equipment 

Quick Facts

Recommended pre-requisites:


Course 1001 - Introduction to the Pipeline Industry




Estimated Learning Time:


1-2 Hours (Self-paced)

Course Material Access:


180 Days

Course 1600 - Introduction to Pipeline Abandonment

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