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  • Online Course Extension ONE MONTH

This training will focus on preparing individuals for the API 1169 certification exam and will cover all information in the API Recommended Practice 1169 and the API Pipeline Inspector “Body of Knowledge”. The training will include study material such as key highlights, recommended reading, terminology, scenario-based assessments, self-assessments, and practice questions organized by topic. To conclude the course, there will be a practice exam formatted like the API multiple choice exam. The question bank includes over 200 practice questions.

Please Note:
Required / recommended readings as per the API Effectivity Sheet are not included with the purchase of this online course and will have to be obtained through authorized retailers (Techstreet and IHS). We provide a checklist with easy-to-navigate links to assist you with gathering these source materials.

**Please allow for up to 1 business day after purchase for extension to be reflected**

Course Topics

  1. Introduction
  2. Pipeline Construction Inspector Responsibilities
  3. Personnel and General Pipeline Safety Requirements
  4. Environmental and Pollution Control Requirements
  5. General Pipeline Construction Requirements
  6. Specific Inspection Roles
  7. Welding of Pipelines and Related Facilities
  8. Pressure Testing of Steel Pipelines for the Transportation of Gas, Petroleum Gas, Hazardous Liquids, Highly Volatile Liquids or Carbon Dioxide
  9. Quality Management System Requirements for Manufacturing Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry
  10. Practice Exam

Quick Facts

Recommended pre-requisites:   None
Format:   Online
Estimated Learning Time:   1 Week (Self-paced)
Course Material Access:   1 Month
Cost:   $50 CAD

Online Course Extension ONE MONTH

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