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  • Pipeline Industry Primer

Introduction to the Pipeline Lifecycle (Bundle)


This bundle of courses will introduce you to the pipeline industry, and provide you with essential knowledge about the pipeline lifecycle. It comprehensively covers the 6 stages of the pipeline lifecycle: Feasibility, Design, Construction, Operation, Maintenance, and Abandonment.


Designed in collaboration with Subject Matter Experts in the industry, this bundle of courses will grow your knowledge of the pipeline industry, with an emphasis on the pipeline lifecycle.





Course 1001: Introduction to the Pipeline Industry

Course 1100: Introduction to Pipeline Feasibility

Course 1200: Introduction to Pipeline Design and Planning

Course 1300: Introduction to Pipeline Construction

Course 1400: Introduction to Pipeline Operations

Course 1500: Introduction to Pipeline Maintenance

Course 1600: Introduction to Pipeline Abandonment


Optional addition: Encyclopedic Dictionary of Pipeline Integrity: By Guy Desjardins and Reena Sahney


Pipeline Industry Primer

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