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  • Course 1000: The Lifecycle of a Pipeline - A Short Course Intro Series

Lifecycle of a Pipeline – A Short Course Intro Series
A series of short courses designed to enable the learner to get a baseline level of knowledge on the pipeline lifecycle and the various stages throughout its lifecycle. Each course will focus on a specific stage of the lifecycle and covers key topics, basic terminology, and major elements of each stage.

Course 1001 – Introduction to the Pipeline Industry:

To begin, a broad approach is taken with an overview of the industry, the context for pipelines, and the material they carry. This course acts as a pre-requisite for the six courses on the specific stages of the pipeline lifecycle.

Course 1100 – Pipeline Feasibility:

Feasibility studies are not unique to pipelines and focus on assessing the technical and economic feasibility to determine if the project is viable as is specific to pipelines.

Course 1200 – Pipeline Design:

A focus is put on the three main decision areas of pipeline design, which are: routing, design, and construction planning, as they impact the ongoing cost elements of a pipeline over its lifecycle.

Course 1300 – Pipeline Construction:

The construction process and its 7 major activities associated with constructing a pipeline are chronologically walked through in this course. The focus is on gaining an understanding of the major construction activities and sequencing of such activities as they apply to a pipeline.

Course 1400 – Pipeline Operations:

There are three main elements of a pipeline system in operation, this course outlines the main elements which are: pipeline operation, compressor stations, and pump stations. It also goes over the day-to-day servicing of each element to keep the pipeline operating as it was designed.

Course 1500 – Pipeline Maintenance:

An Integrity Management Program (IMP) is critical to the maintenance of a pipeline, this course discusses the various aspects of and IMP and why it is so critical to ensuring a safe and efficient pipeline.

Course 1600 – Pipeline Abandonment:

Once a pipeline is ready to be abandoned there are special considerations and concerns that must be addressed, as well as the ongoing responsibilities and liabilities after abandonment, this course highlights those considerations and responsibilities.

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Recommended pre-requisites:   Course 1001 - Introduction to the Pipeline Industry
Format:   Online
Estimated Learning Time:   7-14 Hours (Self-paced)
Course Material Access:   180 Days
Cost:   $245.00 CAD

Course 1000: The Lifecycle of a Pipeline - A Short Course Intro Series

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