We have a passion for education. Structured courses are offered through the Centre for Pipeline Knowledge. We are also building public education and communication through the Centre for Engineering Communications.

  The Centre for Pipeline Knowledge provides learners with the opportunity to solidify their knowledge in specialized areas of the pipeline industry. We offer modular online courses based on the six stages of the pipeline lifecycle: Feasibility, Design & Planning, Construction, Operations, Maintenance, and Abandonment. Specialized courses, such as the API 1169 Construction Inspector Exam Preparation Course also offered through the Centre.



Canadian Pipeline Competency System (CPCS) provides an industry, consensus-based, set of requirements (i.e., theoretical knowledge, experience, expertise) for the technical functions associated with the lifecycle of a pipeline system. 


The Environmental Inspection Resources available here provide important information about the role of environmental inspection in pipeline construction and career opportunities in that field. 

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