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  • Integrating Hydrogen into the Energy Industry

This course introduces the fundamental concepts of using hydrogen as an energy resource. After defining hydrogen’s basic characteristics, the learner will explore the potential methods used for sourcing, producing, and transporting hydrogen to end users. The course also explores how hydrogen can be integrated into the current fossil fuel value chain, clarifies what is currently technologically feasible, and discusses hydrogen’s near-term opportunities and constraints.

Course Topics

1.       Introduction to Hydrogen

2.       The Hydrogen Value Chain

3.       Introduction to the Hydrocarbon Value Chain

4.       Adopting Hydrogen in the Hydrocarbon Value Chain

5.       Working Toward a Hydrogen Economy: The Next Five Years

Quick Facts
Recommended pre-requisites: None
Format: Online
Estimated Learning Time: 1-2 Hours (Self-paced)
Course Material Access: 60 Days

Integrating Hydrogen into the Energy Industry

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