How Jiva’s Life-Work Balance Benefits its Employees

    In this compilation we asked Jiva staff to tell us how our flexible culture benefits their life-work balance. Jiva employees choose the hours they work and can spend 40% of their time working from home. In addition, employees can adjust their hours to accommodate their diverse and dynamic lifestyles. The flexible work schedule is part of our company’s health and wellness philosophy, intended to give employees the opportunity to enjoy their other passions.

    Staff members have expressed how flexibility has benefited their lives, by letting them enjoy their hobbies and extracurricular activities, taking the time to focus on personal wellbeing and mental health, spending extra time at home with their families, or supporting growth and change as they reach milestones in their lives. We hope to promote, inspire, and increase acceptance and adoption of a dynamic and adaptable life-work balance in the workplace. Employee health and wellness creates benefits for all.