New Agreement to Support Canadian Pipeline Engineers

    The Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA) and Jiva Consulting are pleased to announce that they have entered into an agreement to ensure the continued availability of the Canadian Pipeline Competency System (CPCS) in Canada.

    The CPCS creates a framework for understanding competency and documenting competency for technical individuals (e.g., engineers and technologists) across the entire lifecycle of a pipeline asset. While the system can be used in many ways, it is of particular benefit to the industry in the face of the magnified talent shortage due to COVID-19 as the system can be a key aspect of more effective development, as well as retention, of existing talent.

    The system is based on the world-leading Pipeline Engineering Competency System (PECS) developed by APGA. The PECS was originally converted to suit Canadian requirements by the Canadian Energy Pipelines Association (CEPA) which also developed a suite of damage prevention competencies to augment the CPCS. When CEPA announced it would close at the end of 2021, the continued availability of the CPCS came under question.

    APGA President Donna McDowall said that without a Canadian partner, it would have been difficult for APGA to provide the required support to the CPCS.

    “We are excited to reach this agreement with Jiva which has been closely involved with the adaptation of the PECS right from the beginning,” Ms. McDowall said.

    “This agreement will provide certainty for our Canadian users and should ensure the continuous improvement and expansion of the CPCS to a range of additional users which in turn will ensure the longevity of the CPCS.”