Jiva Consulting Presents at the Young Energy Infrastructure Professionals (YEIP) Mixer

    Our President, Reena Sahney, presented at the Young Energy Infrastructure Professionals (YEIP) mixer that was recently hosted at the University of Calgary. The event was attended by over 200 participants and over 60 industry professionals.

    Reena’s presentation a comprehensive overview on the current status of the energy industry, where we think the industry is headed, and how the industry can address the challenges it faces, including the need to develop competencies that can assist in addressing complex challenges.

    “The industry is well equipped to deal with future challenges. Opportunities exist to leverage existing infrastructure while making positive change… With a new generation of professionals, we can shift our ways of thinking – this will take collaboration and creativity…

    …  We need to recognize that we are facing some challenges ahead, but we can be well equipped to deal with them if we consider some of the new competencies we discussed today and how we can build them in ourselves and in our organizations…”

    - Reena Sahney

    Jiva Consulting would like to thank the YEIP and the University of Calgary for the opportunity to speak at their event.