Jiva Consulting Attends the 19th Annual Pipeline Technology Conference

    Earlier this month, our President, Reena Sahney, attended the 19th annual Pipeline Technology Conference in Berlin, Germany. The Pipeline Technology Conference is an annual conference to bring together professionals in the pipeline industry for a series of panels, discussion sessions, social events, and more.

    Photos © 2024 Ralph Thiele / EITEP. 

    Reena was invited as a key contributor to the Global Women in Pipeline Forum where she was a panelist for the discussion on Empowering Women in Pipeline: A Global Perspective on Workplace Development. The panel highlighted the contributions and significance of women in the pipeline industry.

    Jiva Consulting was proud to contribute to this meaningful discussion. We look forward to potential future collaborations with the Pipeline Technology Conference.

    More information about the annual Pipeline Technology Conference can be found here: