First Canadian National Line Locating Standard Launched

    The Canadian Association of Pipeline and Utility Locating Contractors (CAPULC) is pleased to announce the completion and launch of the Underground Facility Locating and Marking Standard. CAPULC is an industry association representing companies that are involved with locating buried facilities. With approximately one hundred members across the country, the association endeavours to provide leadership, promote safety, and enhance the value and reputation of the underground facility locating industry in Canada.

    The standard creates a framework for locating underground infrastructure – an essential part of protecting against accidental damage to existing buried facilities, such as energy pipelines, water pipelines, and power lines. In addition to the efficiencies gained from standardization, a key benefit of the new standard is the opportunity to streamline the process for onboarding new talent in an industry which has faced labour shortages - a challenge magnified by COVID-19.

    With the support of Jiva Consulting (Jiva), the CAPULC Board oversaw a year long process that involved rigorous research and peer review, before releasing the standard for use. The document provides guidance on the locating process for all types of buried infrastructure across Canada. This work is the culmination of many years of effort by CAPULC members and is the first document of its kind in Canada – consolidating guidance at the national level.

    Read the official press release here.