Jiva's New API 1169 Re-Certification Exam Preparation Course Now Available

    The American Petroleum Institute (API) first launched its API 1169 certification program for pipeline construction inspectors in 2014. Developed with industry experts, the goal was to establish practical standards for onshore pipeline construction inspection. Since then, thousands of inspectors have written the exam and become certified.

    Maintaining this certification requires applying for recertification every three years and writing a recertification exam every six years. To help inspectors maintain their certification, Jiva Consulting (Jiva) is excited to release a new API 1169 Recertification Exam Preparation course.

    Jiva has been working to support the energy industry in maturing construction inspection practices for nearly a decade, including developing its original API 1169 Exam Preparation course in 2016. Seven years later, many inspectors are approaching the time for writing the recertification exam. Jiva’s new course provides information on what is covered in the recertification exam as well as practical exam-writing strategies.

    When discussing the motivation for building this course, Jiva president Reena Sahney said:

    "High quality construction remains important to our industry as we adapt our pipeline infrastructure for new technologies such as hydrogen and carbon capture. The entire certification (and recertification) process is an important part of making sure that we develop and maintain the skills to support our goals through the energy transition—these jobs are not going away. We need to continue to build safe and high quality infrastructure, even if what is being carried in the pipe is evolving.”

    For more information on the course offering, please contact Jiva Consulting (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 403.245.1140).

    More information on schedules for certification and recertification exams can be found on the API Individual Certification Programs webpage.

    You can purchase our API 1169 Recertification Exam Preparation course through the Jiva store.